We meet on Sundays at 10:30a (our meeting lasts 90 minutes) at Johnson Elementary School

Have children? Take a look at The Ark, Vineyard’s ministry for children.

What to expect

On any given Sunday, we want you to know that our primary hope for you, from your first time to your 101st time, is that you would experience the love and presence of God. We know that being in God’s presence can be the most transformative, encouraging and satisfying aspect of anyone’s faith. So, we build everything around that one simple idea… experiencing God.

So, what does that look like, practically?

As you arrive, you’ll see signage welcoming and directing you into the school. As soon as you walk through the doors, you’ll be met by a smiling face and a warm greeting. Before entering the auditorium, enjoy the fresh coffee and welcoming spread of food waiting for you.

If you have children, they are welcome to join you in the auditorium or in the Ark (our kids church), where they’ll be greeted again and checked in for the morning. Your children will be loved, secure and engaged during their time with us.

Back in the auditorium, after meeting and chatting with a few people, we’ll begin with an opening song of worship. Announcements will follow and lead directly into a practical, encouraging, bible-based message, typically lasting from 30 to 35 minutes.

At this point, we’ll invite the parents to head over the the Ark to pick up their pre-school aged and older children (nursery still active) and bring them back to the auditorium (remember to save room for the kids when you first find a seat).

At that time, we'll enter into a dedicated response time, which includes offering, communion, perhaps a story or reading, an invitation to prayer and finally, a full set of contemporary worship. During worship, you can sit back and enjoy the music or stand up and engage with our multi-ethnic and multi-generational crowd.

As we wrap up, you’ll see some people are being prayed for, while others are shifting focus to hanging out and chatting. This is a great time to meet a few new people and really get a feel for the Vineyard crowd.

What should I wear?

At the Vineyard, we’re casual. What matters to us is not what you’re wearing, but whether you meet with God while you’re with us. To give you a better feel, many of our regulars will wear the sort of outfit they might normally wear to a casual cookout with friends. “Come as you are” is the theme, whether that’s dressed up or dressed down.

Whoever you are… whatever your story and wherever you find yourself with God, you are welcome to join us at Vineyard Church.