In the Summer of 2006, a small group of Cville transplants and natives gathered together to plant the Vineyard Church. In January of 2008, after some strong nudges by God, this small but growing group launched weekly Sunday worship at Walker Upper Elementary School. The first several years of church planting were greatly transformational for everyone involved. We knew from very early on that God had called the Vineyard into the restorative work of transforming lives and our community... of being reconcilers between God, humanity and creation.

In response to God’s love and transformational work in our lives, we exist to be a Jesus-centered presence in greater Charlottesville by loving everyone into transformational encounters with God

This means we put a relationship with god first. We seek to encounter Him, deepen our love for and knowledge of Him while allowing Him to know and shape us. This means we work to restore hope, joy and meaning in our lives - healing the fissures that have separated us from God, while growing into the people He created us to be. This means we build solid, supportive and encouraging relationships with one another. We celebrate the growth and success of each other while caring for one another through hard times and as any good family would. This means we listen to and observe what God is doing in our surrounding town, country and world, then get busy doing His work, with His power and love.

Our desire is to be a church reflecting our wider community, where one can find a cross-section of Charlottesville worshiping and growing together in all of it’s multi-ethnic and multi-generational beauty. A community where the focus is on function and not form. Where people can come as they are, not as others expect them to be. A group where all are empowered to be the ministers of the church, none are left behind and lives are changed.