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deep hunger for god

In this sermon, we talk about satisfying our deepest needs in God over any other substitute.


In this sermon series, we explore what it means that Jesus came to fulfill the hopes and needs of Israel and subsequently... the rest of the world... when he was born over 2000 years ago.

practicing joy

Joy is one of those conditions that often seems elusive or confusing. One moment we have it, the next, it’s gone. Yet, as God designed us, we’re actually made to live with deep, consistent joy. We want to delve into practices of faith that nurture hope. Recognizing that hope is a necessary predecessor to a life of joy.

seek the peace and prosperity of our city

What kind of people, what sort of Church, do we believe God is calling us to be?

Emotionally Healthy life

This series is to help learn more about being a church family full of emotionally healthy people who love God and each other well ... who work through challenges and who can truly do the hard work of crossing generational and socio-economic and ethnic divides well.

Fork in the road

As we travel through life, we're regularly faced with choices... forks in the road, if you will. How do we handle it when we gain access to power or influence? What do we do when we encounter new relationships? Or when we feel the lure of wealth? When we're faced with those kinds of choices, we either pursue a worldly response or pursue a Godly response... the response that is best for us and for our neighbors. This series is intended to take us to a few of those forks in the road, so we can see the options again... and learn to choose wisely.

Beautiful Community

A sermon on Acts 2.

in the beginning

A sermon series on the book of Genesis.


One thing we can say with certainty about Joseph, a significant figure in Israel’s history, is that he had a knack for taking responsibility. He was really good at it! However, while his stories demonstrate some excellent examples of stewardship, like the rest of us, he wasn’t perfect. In this series, Cultivating the Kingdom, we’re exploring what it means to live like wise stewards of all that God has placed in our lives by peering into the life of Joseph.

breaking news

We hear it all the time… “preach the gospel” or “share the gospel.” But, what is the gospel? Is the gospel or the good news really all that good? We think it depends on which gospel people are talking about. In this series, it’s our hope to dispel myths, clarify the intent and words of Jesus and explore how the writers of the new testament perceived the good news.

leap of faith: The Generous Life

The six weeks before Easter we do a forty-day faith experience we call the Leap of Faith.Our focus during this Leap of Faith season is about living the generous life because we worship a generous God. We’re calling this series “The Generous Life” with the double reference to God's generosity and the generous life He encourages us to live.