Sermon Series


Invitational God

Jesus was always inviting people into something. Beginning with relationship, then onto total life transformation, Jesus left the door wide open for any and all who wanted to accept his invitation. What did those invitations look like when Jesus walked the earth and how is he still inviting us today? What are the implications when we say yes? Those questions and more will be addressed as we explore this Invitational God! We want to encourage you to invite friends/family for this series where they will hear about what they’re invited into with Jesus.


The Beatitudes

So much of what Jesus did and said was unexpected for a Messiah. In his Sermon on the Mount, Jesus often contradicted the prevailing wisdom of his time… especially the wisdom of the powerful and influential in Israel. The beatitudes (or, blessings) that open this great sermon, in many ways show us where Jesus wants his kingdom message to go, even after he is crucified. Join us this summer as we listen in on the words of Jesus from that country mountainside so many years ago. You’ll find that his words are as relevant today as they were then!


Where Your Heart Is

In Mt 6.21, Jesus says that where your treasure is… your heart will be also. When it comes to money, our hearts can often wander. We use money for many different purposes… not always aligned with our life and faith purposes. In this series, we want to look at a few different common motives that will determine what we do with and how we orient our hearts around money, then provide a biblical vision for a vastly better option and some practical ways to shift our treasure from these other things toward God.



Life isn’t always sunshine and roses. There’s grief. There’s disappointment. There’s hardship. Yet, God invites us to live lives of abundance. In this four-week series, we’re aiming to understand what a life of abundance looks like in light of the day in and day out challenges we often face.


Because His Love

On Easter Sunday, we celebrated what God has done by being reminded of that deep, unconditional love God has for all of us.


Leap of Faith: Season with Salt

Too much salt and you ruin a meal. Not enough and, let’s be honest, it tastes bland. When you get the right amount, it wakes up a dish, bringing out all the vibrant flavors you want to taste! So, what does it mean when Jesus tells us that he wants us to be the salt of the earth? How can our lives bring vibrancy and life to the world around us? That’s exactly what we’ll be exploring in this six-week series that also coincides with our annual Leap of Faith.

Exercising Healthy Relationships.png

Exercising Healthy Relationships

We’re made for relationship. Because of this, we will always benefit from learning and applying new and familiar healthy relationship practices. Much like lifting weights helps us strengthen muscle, healthy relationships require work, stretching ourselves beyond what is easy or comfortable. In this three-week series, we’re covering a few key factors that, if exercised, will serve us well in building healthy relationships.


Crossing the Sea

Jerry Maynard speaks on Moses’ parting of the Red Sea.

The Gift of Serving

This sermon from our Community Life Pastor, Nathan Walton discusses the gift of serving.

Faithful Presence

What happens when the transformative and loving presence of God moves in? Join us in our current series as we walk through the impact God makes on people when those who love him allow his presence to change their lives and work through them into their wider community. The impact of faithful presence on the world has been and can be utterly beautiful.

How Good is Your God?

This sermon discusses the importance of keeping our perspective on God's good, majestic character. We will look through scripture to see image after image... glimpse after glimpse of a God who is thoroughly and completely good.

Humble King

This advent sermon series, focuses on Jesus as a Humble King.

Book of Acts

The book of Acts (Acts of the Apostles) is the last narrative text we have in the Bible. From the commission of Jesus and the empowering of the Spirit come an exhilarating story of a people welcomed into relationship, abundant life and meaningful purpose as they struggle to establish the early church amidst great opposition, spiritual darkness and incredible odds. Yet, with the leading and continued presence of God, the Church prevails. Join us on this full-year journey of witnessing God’s Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven through the book of Acts.

Worth It

When reading Paul’s letters in the New Testament, you’ll occasionally come across a sudden explosion of passion. In these moments, he inspires the church to give up everything for the sake of Christ. Where did this euphoric passion come from? Is that same fulfilling joy meant for all of us? In this series, we’re addressing questions we all tend to ask of our faith from time to time… Is it worth it? Is it worth it to make the life of faith in Jesus a priority? To press forward in faith? We’ll find that the more we see the worth of following Christ, the more we and others stand to gain in our pursuit of God and his ways.