Leap of Faith: Break Dividing Walls

Are there barriers in our community that get in the way of us pursuing God and introducing others to his love?  What are these barriers - racial, ethnic, generational?  What is God's plan for his kingdom in regard to these diving walls?  Our Jesus-Centered Presence series segues into this Spirit-saturated season of prayer and growth as we take a Leap of Faith and break dividing walls.

A Community of Blessing - Break Dividing Walls

Jim Bleakley - March 9, 2014

Break Dividing Walls: Breaking Walls Requires Unity and Justice

Jim Bleakley - March 16, 2014

Surprised by Hope

Steve Nicholson - March 23, 2014

Break Dividing Walls: Assumptions Make Something Out of You and Me

Jim Bleakley - March 30, 2014

Crossing the Divide: Breaking Down Racial and Ethnic Barriers

Charlene Brown - April 6, 2014

Break Dividing Walls: Casting a Greater Vision

Jim Bleakley - April 13, 2014