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What happens when the transformative and loving presence of God moves in? Join us in our current series as we walk through the impact God makes on people when those who love him allow his presence to change their lives and work through them into their wider community. The impact of faithful presence on the world has been and can be utterly beautiful.


This advent sermon series, focuses on Jesus as a Humble King.

book of acts

The Book of Acts (Acts of the Apostles) is the last narrative text we have in the bible. From the commission of Jesus and the empowering of the Spirit come an exhilarating story of a people welcomed into relationship, abundant life and meaningful purpose as they struggle to establish the early church amidst great opposition, spiritual darkness and incredible odds. Yet, with the leading and continued presence of God, the Church prevails. Join us on this full-year journey of witnessing God’s Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven through the book of Acts.

worth it

When reading Paul’s letters in the New Testament, you’ll occasionally come across a sudden explosion of passion. In these moments, he inspires the church to give up everything for the sake of Christ. Where did this euphoric passion come from? Is that same fulfilling joy meant for all of us? In this series, we’re addressing questions we all tend to ask of our faith from time to time… Is it worth it? Is it worth it to make the life of faith in Jesus a priority? To press forward in faith? We’ll find that the more we see the worth of following Christ, the more we and others stand to gain in our pursuit of God and his ways.

when god appears

Short two-week sermon series in Psalms.

Leap of faith – the reconciled life

There is a call on all followers of Jesus into the life of reconciliation. This sermon series discusses where we see this call in scripture. What it looks like in our context and how we can be a reconciling people.

You're Invited

On Easter Sunday, we are reminded exactly what story we've been invited into.

deep hunger for god

In this sermon, we talk about satisfying our deepest needs in God over any other substitute.


In this sermon series, we explore what it means that Jesus came to fulfill the hopes and needs of Israel and subsequently... the rest of the world... when he was born over 2000 years ago.

practicing joy

Joy is one of those conditions that often seems elusive or confusing. One moment we have it, the next, it’s gone. Yet, as God designed us, we’re actually made to live with deep, consistent joy. We want to delve into practices of faith that nurture hope. Recognizing that hope is a necessary predecessor to a life of joy.