If you find yourself or someone you know exploring front end questions of faith, then we hope you discover useful content here. Below, you’ll see a few steps many others have found helpful over the years in meeting them at their point of exploration in matters of faith.

Particularly, you’ll see a quick profile of Jesus, as it is through faith in him that we at the Vineyard have found answers to the key questions we’ve pursued over the years. You’ll also learn about the Seek course we run regularly at the Vineyard - a great starting point for those asking front-end faith questions. Finally, if you would like to actually talk to someone about faith, you can be confident that we would welcome the opportunity. Simply email us at info@cvillevineyard.org and we’ll get in contact with you promptly.


A class designed to help you if you are:

  • Wondering how faith might play a greater role in your life, or how faith could be more directly relevant to the important issues in your life

  • Curious about Jesus and how he might fit into a faith journey

  • Definitely interested in a life of faith, but consider yourself new to it

  • Interested in the idea of prayer or communication with God, but unsure how to pursue it