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change of pace

To change the pace of our life rhythm back to God’s. He has created our souls for a life that the world we live in does not reflect… a life our current pace seldom matches. In this series, we’re focused on getting back into God’s rhythm so that we can live the sort of lives for which God created us.


What if our primary allegiance in life were to King Jesus and his kingdom ways? To be a faithful citizen of heaven must mean that we choose God and his ways over any other allegiance we carry. It would also mean that the virtue of love would be the lens through which our decisions, words and actions would be filtered. How does this work in such a volatile time as today with political divisiveness and racial tension ever present.ur primary allegiance in life were to King Jesus and his kingdom ways? To be a faithful citizen of heaven must mean that we choose God and his ways over any other allegiance we carry. It would also mean that the virtue of love would be the lens through which our decisions, words and actions would be filtered. How does this work in such a volatile time as today with political divisiveness and racial tension ever present.


One thing you never hear about God is that He’s shallow. In fact, to the contrary, Jesus nearly always jumped immediately past the pleasantries of conversation right to the heart of the matter. God is a god of depth… it’s in His nature to pursue the heart of things. This is as true of the nature of God as it is intended to be true of His creation, humanity.  In this new series, we’re exploring this tendency of God and His nudging of humanity to seek, find and live deeper lives.

Under New Management

The basis of so many disputes (from personal to geo-political) is founded in the question of ownership. Who owns this land, this work assignment, this property... and what rights do they have to do what they want with it? What if ownership doesn’t work that way? In this series, we’re reminded that “the earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it.” If that’s true, what is our relationship with all that is in the earth meant to look like? If we’re a bit or a lot off track, what can we do to get back on track, taking care of all that God has placed in our lives?

fit for life

What happens when all the oars are rowing, but one or two are out of rhythm? God made us as holistic beings. When we neglect certain aspects of our lives, our whole life is negatively affected. In this series, we’re addressing the whole person, encouraging one another to get and remain healthy… physically, emotionally, relationally, spiritually and more. In Fit For Life, we hope to keep our oars in sync so the boat remains true to it’s heading.


Easter is upon us! He is risen! Can you imagine what that was like for the first witnesses to the resurrection of Jesus? Bewilderment, skepticism, profound joy, confusion, hope and more. Beginning on Easter Sunday, we're taking several weeks to explore those post-resurrection stories. How did people respond? What did Jesus say? What did he do? What does it all mean for us?

The week before

Easter is undoubtedly a high point on the Christian calendar. Its a day the millions of people around the world look forward to and celebrate with great joy. But, what about the week before? The fateful week that began with Jesus riding into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. In this series, The Week Before, we're preparing our hearts and minds for Good Friday and Easter Sunday by exploring the things Jesus said and did as He prepared Himself for the ultimate sacrifice ... that great demonstration of God's love and power.

Practicing Presence

In this series, we discuss practices that are foundational for our church in our effort to be a Jesus-centered presence in our community.

do as the father does

In this sermon, we take a closer look at our attentiveness to God and what He is doing in and around our lives.

How Big is your god?

In this sermon, we explore what happens when we try to reduce God's size. We expect God to behave just like humans behave. We try to appease him. We worry about his wrath when we sin. This is not the God we meet in the bible or in the world today! No... God is not made in our image... God is not a small god!


Advent is the traditional time of year when the Church looks forward to the coming of Jesus at both Christmas and His final return. During this Advent season, we are peering into some of the roles the coming Messiah was expected to fulfill. When Jesus entered the scene, He certainly fulfilled those roles… but not always as people expected.


In this series, we explore how gratitude leads to generous hospitality.

Beloved Community

This series focuses on building a thriving multi-ethnic and multi-generational Jesus-centered community. Like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr said, "Our goal is to create a beloved community and this will require a qualitative change in our souls as well as a quantitative change in our lives."


In His public ministry, Jesus was a man of authority. At the end of the sermon on the mount, Matthew tells us that "the crowds were astounded at Jesus's teaching, for he taught them as one having authority, and not as their scribes." In this series, we're investigating the authority of Jesus... where it comes from, what it means and how those following Him today can respond to it all.


This series is inspired by Jesus’ repeated use of hunger as analogous to our deepest needs and longings. In every case, Jesus tells his listeners that the food they need most is God himself. God wants to meet our deepest needs… after all, He created us AND our needs!

A Journey Through Matthew

Back to our long-standing study of the book of Matthew!


Are we ever fully satisfied with what we already have? Do we find ourselves wanting more, more, more? Surely, wanting more isn't always bad, but are we looking for satisfaction in the right places? Maybe it's not about how much we have, but what we do with what we already have. Join us for a new perspective on Being Rich, discovering ways our "riches" can be used to honor God, build relationships and invest in things that matter most.

dysfunctional families

We all experience dysfunction in our families. The questions are: do we recognize it and if so, what can we do about it? In this series, we're exploring God's intentions for healthy, well-functioning family. It's never too late for God to mend the broken pieces.


At Easter, we remember the motive of Jesus death and resurrection ... Jesus did what he did because he loves us. Now, how do we respond to what he has done?


The six weeks before Easter we do a forty-day faith experience we call the Leap of Faith. It is a season of community prayer and faith building. It’s our version of the traditional church season of Lent. This year is about identifying the purposes we’re all uniquely set apart for and then pursuing that purpose through the long journey of life!

Set apart

The Vineyard is called to be a vibrant, Jesus-centered presence in our community. In this series we explore, at a very practical level, what that looks like and how we can live “set apart” lives for the sake of God’s mission to love people into amazingly abundant lives!


Jonah was a character of great inner conflict. In this two-part series, we observe that each of us can find some of our own stories in the Jonah story. 

This is my prayer

Charlene Brown's parting message for the Vineyard, before moving to Durham, NC.


Advent is a time of great expectation. In this series, we're discovering four ways we can find hope as we anticipate the coming of Jesus at Christmas.


What makes us tick?  Who are we as followers of Christ?  What are God's priorities for our lives?  Here we get back to our "roots" and examine a variety of values and foundations that make us who we are in God.

Counterfeit Gods

Our culture does not use a lot of deistic lingo these days, but there may definitely be things, ideas, and images that we put on a pedestal without even realizing it.  Based on the book Counterfeit Gods: The empty promises of money, sex, and power, and the only hope that matters by Timothy Keller, this series plunges us into a perspective that reveals what motivates us and what might be stunting our pursuit of God.


Every one of us are called into something bigger. While we're not always listening, God is regularly calling people into action... into His good purposes for the world. In this series, we're talking through four biblical characters and their particular call narratives, hoping to glean wisdom in responding to God in our own lives.

When the Going Gets Tough...

Taking a break between series, Jim reflects on the Psalmist's approach to dealing with hard times.

Life of Moses

Follow Moses' life, from his encounter with God in a burning bush to his return to Egypt to rescue the Hebrews from slavery.  We will learn that an encounter with God and his more-than-enough qualifications will always transform our lives!

The Art of Neighboring

What if Jesus really meant for us to love our actual neighbors?

A New Day

Easter Sunday and beyond!  We look at what it means to have a God who pursues us.

Leap of Faith: Break Dividing Walls

Are there barriers in our community that get in the way of us pursuing God and introducing others to his love?  What are these barriers - racial, ethnic, generational?  What is God's plan for his kingdom in regard to these diving walls?  Our Jesus-Centered Presence series segues into this Spirit-saturated season of prayer and growth as we take a Leap of Faith and break dividing walls.

Good & Beautiful God

Adapted from James Bryan Smith's The Good and Beautiful God, this series helps us to fall in love with the God who Jesus knows.

Advent Season

During the season of Advent, we prepare for the coming of the Savior.

Detox For the Soul

Many behaviors we engage in and thoughts we entertain have the potential to damage us to the core. In this series, we're picking out five such patterns and discovering helpful guidance to detox our souls.